About us

Agro-industrial Group of Companies «Dneprovskaya» is the managing company of agrarian business.

The vertically integrated business structure unites the work of enterprises of the Dnipro and Zaporizhzhya regions.

For the present day the main production activities of the Group of Companies are:

The Group of Companies includes the main enterprise LLC «Poultry Complex «Dniprovskiy» that is situated in Nikopol city which products are well-known under the trademarks «Znatna Kurka», «Dniprovskie kurchata» and export brand «Ulas». According to the results of 2017, the market share of chicken products is about 8%.

LLC «Zaporozhsky» is an integral part of the vertically integrated structure of the Group of Companies which fulfills the complete needs of LLC «Poultry Complex «Dniprovskiy» for an incubation egg for reproducing broilers chicken.

In order to provide own feed production our company owns its fields and grows grain crops in Nikopol district, Dnipro district, Tokmak district, Kuibyshevsky district of the Zaporizhzhya region.

Production of LLC «Agroproinvest-08» takes a significant place in reducing the cost of production of broiler meat. Products from processed sunflower seeds and soybeans are used for making mixed fodders foe feeding chicken.

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