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Purchase of grains and oilseeds

Delivery address: "IC "Dneprovskiy" Ltd., Nikopol city, Dnipropetrovsk region
Feed wheat:
  • Humidity - 14%
  • Impurity - 2%
  • Grain admixture - 15%
  • Purchase price
  • 4450 UAH/t
  • Humidity - 12%
  • Impurity - 2%
  • Protein raw material is not lower than - 33%
  • Purchase price
  • 10600 UAH/t
  • Humidity - 14%
  • Impurity - 2%
  • Grain admixture - 15%
  • Purchase price
  • 4250 UAH/t

Закупка масличных культур

Адрес поставки: ООО «Агропроинвест 08» г. Вольнянск, Запорожская область
  • Humidity - 43%
  • Impurity - 3%
  • Grain (oil) - 15%
  • Purchase price
  • 10600 UAH/t

With purchase questions, please call:

Head of Procurement
Ryabets Yuriy Victorovich
Телефон: +38 050 456-45-75
Deputy Head of Procurement
Shlyakhova Valentina Fedorovna
Телефон: +38 050 322-14-14
Purchasing Managers
Rudyuk S.
Телефон: +38 050 484-32-99

Purchase of goods and materials

Head of Department of Supply
Purchase of plant protection products, sowing seed, fertilizer, wheat bran, limestone flour, salt «Extra»
Purchase of fuels and lubricants, oils and specialized technical, office equipment, computer components, electrical equipment, cables and wires, pumping equipment
Vereschagin Vadim
Purchase of metal, iron concrete products, building materials, timber, pipes, metal mesh, paints, foam polyurethane, plastic windows, doors
Purchase of equipment and spare parts (packaging equipment, equipment for poultry, equipment for poultry processing)
Purchase of equipment and spare parts (weight, elevators (conveyors, bucket elevators, etc.), boiler, ventilation, refrigeration equipment, special equipment for hatchery and slaughterhouse special purpose electrical equipment (sensors, level, etc.), comp
Implementation of hatching eggs, day-old chicks per diem
Purchase of veterinary drugs, disinfectants, vaccines, feed additives for the manufacture of animal feed
Samoylova Elena
Purchase of office supplies, cleaning, furniture, clothes and PPE, tools and accessories, hardware, wire, valves, rubber products and insulation materials
Chukhlebov Victor
Purchase of containers and packaging materials